Having fun with the iPad and touch screen apps for drawing.

Each of these renderings is interesting.  Yet still not quite what I see suggested in the brush work.  I will have try again.

Pat PreblE​​​

I have a painting which has been hanging on the wall of my studio for four years.  As I look at it, I see images suggested in the brush work.  One of them, the image of Persephone as she returns from the underworld and Hades looking on from the shadows as she leaves.  

I photographed the painting and pulled it up into a drawing app (Art Studio) that I have on my iPad and created a layer for drawing.  I drew her on top of the landscape. 

If I am not quite satisfied with one drawing, or just want to try something else, I can shut off the top layer, create a second layer and make a completely new drawing without destroying or loosing the original painting.

Digital Drawing