Pat PreblE​​​

The Petroglyph Coloring Book.

My friend Debbie wanted to make a coloring book.  She died before she could complete it.  I was helping her with the project and decided to publish it for her.  The drawings are really very fine; whimsical and full of delight, as was her personality.

It is a great book for children and  adults.

Paperback.  Available at

I'll Have A Cappuccino Please

Drawings from the 1980s made at the Cornelia Street Cafe in the West Village, NYC.  Includes commentary and discussion of methods of drawing.

Kindle version available at

Mother Mary:  Painting as Prayer

An artist's book relating some of the inner processes of mind and heart that go in to making a painting. The book contains some mysticism and strange tales of the impact of higher consciousness when it is brought to play in the making of art.

Kindle version available at