Pat PreblE​​​

Classic Landscapes // Modern  & Traditional Portraits

I have been drawing and painting since I was two years old. 

When I was in my early teens I became interested in the landscape tradition of painting and did a lot of plein air work.  I still like to work on site.  The light changes and highlights appear in areas that began as shadow.  When finished I am always pleased that over the course of two hours I have captured far more light than could be found in a photograph from a single moment in time.

My interests range over many areas.  From landscape, I went into skyscape and started an abstract series titled Earth and Sky.  These paintings were created in encaustic.  I chose encaustic because of the luminosity of the surface. 

After working for a number of years with the encaustic medium, I decided to look into the images created in encaustic by our ancient ancestors and was fascinated by the  highly sophisticated ancient cave art.  I decided to try reproducing some of them.

To render new images in the cave art tradition I worked on developing a rock form.  I wanted a surface that looked and felt like a rock; a kind of 3-D sculpted canvas.  I created a derivative form of Ptolomaic cartonage based on ideas from ancient Egyptian cast paper and sculpting media. 

As this site grows I hope to add an Open Studio area that will explain the process of developing modern cartonage which I used to create light weight rocks upon which to paint.  

In the meantime, please visit a second site I have created titled which explains the process of discovery I went through to resurrect watercolor encaustic which may have been used by ancient painters. 

The Egyptian Project (as I call the resurrection of watercolor encaustic) lead me into portrait painting.  I have been rendering portraits in the ancient medium of watercolor encaustic, and also using pencil and even the computer to make digital paintings.  My portrait process spans 2000 years of technology.  All of it is quite fun.


Chauvet Cave Lions

Encaustic on Modern Cartonage

Reproduction of Ancient Petroglyph 

Mountain Lion and Big Horn Sheep

Encaustic on paper.